Signifying Puerto Rico

28 December 2017

Our first posting is from Victor Javier Meléndez who is on the ground in Puerto Rico.

A friend of a friend of mine lost all of her belongings in a wooden house that she was renting in [Urbanization] Santa Mónica [in Bayamón municipality, Puerto Rico].

In Morovis, Comerío, Naranjito, Barranquitas, Cabo Rojo and Luquillo [municipalities], power has not returned since the hurricane, I don’t know if it has returned in other municipalities.

I passed through [barrios] Bayamoncito and Santa Olaya, and what remains of many houses is the bathroom, everything was swept away.

One of my friend’s neighbors had an artificial respirator. He asked his neighbor from across the street, who had power, for an extension cord. The neighbor didn’t do so, and the man died in his home.

We ourselves cleaned up our urbanization and cut off trees because they were blocking our path.

I saw people sleep in line from one day to the other to buy $20.00 in gas, because it was limited.

Yesterday a friend of mine from Santa Mónica died from bacteria in the water because he didn’t buy water and he would drink it from wherever.

Reported by Víctor Javier Meléndez, business owner and pianist, Bayamón, Puerto Rico, November 29, 2017.