Consider a Membership to the Society !

December 20, 2010

Perhaps the first on this blog should speak to our Society and membership/participation. We have new officers, I’m back as president, Michael Brown is vice-president, and Cristella Castro, a real CPA, is our treasurer. But, there are several Lacanian groups in this area, and in fact we get most interest from outside our area, other states and other countries. All our time is volunteered, and in the past we used to do more presentations, for example the last time Slavoj Zizek was in the area we sponsored his talk.

I’d like to think that we’re an international organization, regardless of our name, as we have cosponsored events elsewhere. Our past art editor, Scott Henstrand, lives in Brooklyn, and we co-sponsored a talk he organized at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, and sent Janet Thormann, who spoke on drives.

I know there are students of Lacanian theory who’d like to meet up with some others, and start study groups or cartels, and this would be a place to identify yourselves and your interests. Why not internet cartels? Goodness knows there are few enough to make distance hardly the most daunting obstacle.

It’s easy to join the society, it’s fifty tax-deductible bucks for professionals and thirty for students, and most of our services are free, even for non-members. Maybe there is someone who’d like to do something for our journal, perhaps a potential poetry editor with time and talent and some ideas about the objet a ? Anyway, we invite all of you to post something here and let us know who you are and how our organization may serve your interests.

Anna Shane

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